Xeus In A Box

Xeus in A Box  HD / SD

One Box Automated Playout, Graphics, Ingest & Streaming!



Xeus In A Box, Software Package for Single Channel Automated Playout with Streaming. Xeus In A Box has easy to use interface for operators with bulit in CG and Ingest. It's designed for Local and Cable Access Channels, Education and Government facilities, Back Up System, web and internet TV applications as well as corporate communications.

Xeus In A Box

Xeus In A Box Playout Automation solution is based on single channel Xeus Playout with flexible operation modes to fit all broadcaster’s needs.Built in CG helps customers to create rich graphics and schedule them in the playlist for unattendant operation. System also allows Remote Access with industry standard tools.

Media Explorer

Xeus In A Box, drag-and-drop interface which makes playout operations smooth and robust. The software is designed for 24/7/365 automated file playback operations with live input and internal – external events. Xeus In A Box has flexible operation modes to fit all broadcaster’s needs. Some features such as Play – Cue mode is specially designed for studio operations.

Playlist Settings

Playlist Tab allows operators to manage upcoming daily, normal and sub playlists. XML based playlist makes 3rd party integrations easy for traffic systems and gathering EPG data. Xeus Playlist Manager is also essential tool where playlist conversion and file copy / move happens at the background based on watch folders. Playlist Manager starts coping files from the first item in the playlist and checks if media is present in the destination folder to avoid double copy. Operators can also monitor upcoming daily playlists. Playout users can see Playlist Start Time, Playlist Duration and Current Playlist Location at first glance. In this tab, it's also possible to enable Play-Cue mode with First Frame or Last Frame pause option, select playlist insertion method as Add or Insert and Normal Playlist or Sub Playlist. Xeus Playout can also Play separate Audio and Video files in the the same playlist.

Live Inputs

Xeus In A Box can have HDSDI or IP inputs for LIVE events. System can mix SD and HD feeds as input signal source. Multiple input capability eliminates the Video Router from the workflow. Playout software allows to schedule LIVE events with different source and durations. These LIVE events can be assigned as button in the Action Buttons section described below for instant access. In the user interface operators can preview Audio & Video LIVE source before switching.

Streaming Included

Xeus In A Box automation have built in Streaming Encoder for each channel. These streaming outputs can be increased by adding Xeus Streamer License in order to send stream to multiple destinations such as RTMP to web server and UDP for IP multi-viewer. Xeus Playout can stream directly to most of the CDN companies as well as YouTube, UStream, Justin.TV and Akamai. It's also possible to stream Wowza and Adobe Media Server for distribution with any 3rd party encoder or application. Streaming output can be used for monitoring purposes in the same building or remote playout operations

Media Trimmer

Xeus Media Trimmer is standard tool comes in the Playout for cutting head and tail of the any selected video. Trimmer window allows operators to monitor audio and set in - out points for playback. These are non-destructive play in-out points which can be modified anytime. It's possible tom move frame by frame for most accurate trimming points. In the Playlist system shows original and trimmed duration. Media Trimmer can change field orders, allows audio level adjustment even basic color correction of the selected content

Built in Title Manager

Xeus Title Manager for graphics playback. Static Image, Text, Roll, Crawl, Animations and Clock are supported in Title Manager. Multi-Layer Title tool can handle as many as graphics objects system resources allows. Xeus Data Provider included data management tool can pull data from RSS / XML and twitter. Title Manager can also insert graphics between texts in the ticker.

Action Buttons

Xeus In A Box has action buttons which can be expanded up to 100 buttons. These buttons can be assigned for events such as Live, Logo / CG, Media File, Playlist. Note, Stop Event, Stop Cue Event and Jump to Events. Action buttons can work in two way: Insert or Execute. When Execute mode selected operator instantly fire Action Button Events. Insert mode is chosen when assigned events should be added to playlist as secondary events.