Xeus Media Asset Management

Xeus MAM

Web Based Media Asset Management



Xeus MAM, is new generation web based  Multi Language Media Asset Management. It runs on Linux and uses MySQL database. Built in Player and Transcoding engine, full customizable metadata, category fields, simple and advanced search mechanism are few features of our technology. Xeus MAM, has video markers to find exact point in the video.

Built in Player Window

Xeus MAM has built in Player window which allows users to preview any content on the system. Dedicated player works on all platforms including mobile devices. HTML 5 based player can preview content frame by frame or second by second. Fast Forward or Reverse Playback is also supported. Users can define in & out points for built in trimmer for creating a new asset.

Fully Custom Metadata & Category Fields

Almost every Metadata fields can be customized in Xeus MAM except System Metas. Users can define each and every Metadata area based on their requirements.System also allows Custom Category fields for different use of areas. Metadata fields can be basic text, drop down, radio button, email, date. Based on user persmission Low Resolution and Original files can be downloaded from the system. Xeus MAM can keep same metada for different format versions of the Assets. System can generate Storyboards automatically. Adding Notes based on users is available. One of the most powerful feature on Xeus MAM is admin can give permission only single Asset to any user in the system. Its also possible to share content with anyone who is not part of the system.

Searchable Video Markers

Xeus MAM can add video markers on the selected Assets. Users can add definition to video markers and these are all searchable in the database. Once search is complete system will automatically find Video Markers and by clicking on the timecode each video marker can be displayed to find specific position in the video asset.

Advanced Search

Xeus MAM has basic and advanced search mechanism in the system. In the advanced Search section,  users can add items into serch list and system will look for all parameters such as Metadata and Category at the same time. This function provides faster and accurate search results in the media asset management,

Playlist Module

Xeus MAM is integrated with Xeus Playout for pushing Playlist files generated on the web based user interface. Operators can login into system and make playlist for scheduled playback. Assets can be directly played from the MAM storage server without copying files on local playout storage. Users can change the order of the playlist, add, insert and remove assets from the playlist. Playlist files can be saved and loaded in the MAM system for future modification.

User Permissions

Xeus MAM can support unlimited users and each can have different user privilege. User licenses are floating, this means admin can create as many users in the system but licensed number of users can access to system at the same time. User permissions can be defined based on Project,  Folder and Assets.  System also allows to group users and define permission on each group.

User Action Logs

Xeus MAM keep record of each user actions. These user actions can be filtered based on username, date, action and destination. Under the user action logs Admin can verify completed actions including Project and Asset.

Advanced Sharing Option including Social Networks

Xeus MAM has advanced sharing feature for the guest users. System can create virtual links for  3rd parties to login,  preview and download if available. Share link can be time and duration limited. Admin / User can also define downloading Proxy or Original files. Accesing Video Player window can be password protected. MAM can send notification emails to 3rd parties.